UX Platform Development Management

Spanning tools and initiatives impacting user experience across Siemens Software portfolio.

Microsoft Technology Partner

Mixed Reality Hololens Streaming, Surface Hub, Pro, and Dial

Office Culture and Leadership

Building a stronger office community

Siemens NX UI Tools Development

Developer and Manager for core architecture team providing user interface tools for one of the most complex software application in the world

NX VR Design Review and Collaboration

Development Manager from early planning through concept and production release

Siemens Web Framework 3D Team

Leading next generation of user experience for CAD on the Cloud. Providing framework for cross-portfolio products.

Innovation and Hackathons

Developed top recognized solutions in multiple world wide hackathons. Lead the organization of multi-site US hackathon.

SpaceX - Future of Design

Collaboration between Siemens NX, SpaceX, Leap Motion, and Oculus VR